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Need SCRIP here are some easy ways to get SCRIP Gift Cards:
1. Come by the school office and pick from the selection we have on hand.
2. Use the order from below and turn it in with your check to the school office.
3. Use to place your order. See below to see how to get started is the online ordering system that St. Patrick Catholic School will use to gather your scrip orders. This site offers you convenience – you can now order scrip from any internet-connected computer at home, school, or office. You ordering options are plastic gift cards, Reload / ReloadNow™, ScripNow™ / eGift.
Who Can Use ShopWithScrip?
Any family can use ShopWithScrip – however, to place orders, you have to create a free account at

How to Register
To register with ShopWithScrip, first open up your web browser, and go to To register a new account, go to the green Family Sign Up box on the left side, and click “Create Account”. Be sure to fill out all boxes, even the “optional” ones, as this will be our way of tracking family participation.  Follow the simple registration instructions and accept the terms and conditions of using the site. Before you can place an order, you must enter our school’s enrollment code. To get the school code please email Kim Nevitt at By associating this code with your newly created account, the ShopWithScrip system will correlate your shopping activity with St. Patrick Catholic School.
You can manage your account through the Family Dashboard. To access your Dashboard, click “My Account,” at the top of any page. From here, you can check your account activity, change your profile and password, and read coordinator and site announcements.
* If you would like for Scrip to debit your checking account to pay for the Scrip you purchase, please click on “You do not have a Presto-Pay account. Click here to create one.” This is located on the line above “Family Dashboard.” Please read all information carefully.
Ways to Pay
Scrip may be paid for by the following: Cash, Checks or Presto-Pay account. Credit cards are not accepted.
Six Easy Ways to Order
To place an order, you can shop right from your Family Dashboard!

Favorites: Order the same products each week? Add these items to your Favorites list for easy
              ordering in the future.

Express Add: Know exactly what you want? Quickly add the items to your cart using this feature.

Reload: Don’t want to wait for your card to be shipped? Easily add funds to selected cards here
              Only available if using PrestoPay.

Specials: Want to order the best discounts possible?
              Add these items to your cart directly from the specials list.

Browse: Looking for a gift? Not sure what’s available?
              Use this feature to shop by category.

Search Brands: Know what you want but not sure if it’s available? Enter all or part of the retailer name in the box to find a list of items containing those letters.