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Safe Environment

As mandated by the Diocese of Dallas, all parents who wish to volunteer must be screened and cleared under the Diocese of Dallas Safe Environment Program. Parents must have a volunteer badge which is required to be worn on a school-provided yellow SPS lanyard while volunteering at the school. Thank you to all parents for working together to provide a safe environment for our children.

Safe Environment Procedures for First Time Applicants:

- Fill out the Screening Form completely.

- Read the Diocesan Safe Environment Handbook and the accompanying Policy on Sexual Misconduct.  Once you have familiarized yourself with the Diocesan policies, please sign and return the acknowledgement form.

- Make arrangements to attend a Family of Faith training class.  These are offered periodically at St. Patrick as well as at other parishes in the Diocese of Dallas.

- Schedule an interview and have a badge picture made if attending the training class at another parish.

Go to the St. Patrick Parish website to access the necessary forms online.

Safe Environment Procedures for Renewing Applicants:

- Safe Environment Training must be renewed each year.  Email notification and instructions will be sent to the email address on file with the Safety Director at the beginning of the month during which training is due.

- Once update training is completed, you will receive a new Photo ID Badge with your new expiration date.

Please contact Meggan Burchfield, Safety Director, at or (214) 348-7380 with any questions.