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Safe Environment


Volunteers at St. Patrick Parish and St. Patrick School who are over the age of 18 and who work with minors and/or vulnerable adults must successfully complete the Safe Environment process before volunteering in any capacity. This process is mandated and strictly enforced by the Catholic Diocese of Dallas.




All NEW volunteers must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete a Diocese of Dallas safe environment screening form by clicking on this link: https://dallas.setanet.org/screening.php 
  2. Provide three personal references. These must be individuals who are NOT related to you and have known you for at least three years. Please provide email addresses for all references, if available.
  3. Provide consent for the Diocese of Dallas to conduct a criminal background check.
  4. Read and acknowledge the safe environment policies, the sexual misconduct policy, and the social media policy.
  5. Attend the training class for new volunteers, entitled “Recognize, Respond and Report Abuse.” This class is mandatory for all new volunteers. You may take the class anywhere in the Diocese of Dallas. The current class schedule can be found here: http://dallas.setanet.org/classes.php. Upcoming class dates at St. Patrick may also be found in the bulletin or on our parish website. Due to space constraints, all participants MUST be registered in advance. No children allowed, and childcare is not provided. If you attend a class elsewhere in the diocese, please be sure to get a training certificate confirming your attendance.
  6. Contact the church office to arrange a personal interview with the safety director. This takes approximately 15 minutes. If you attend the initial training class at St. Patrick, a limited number of interviews are available immediately after the class. During your interview, we will take your picture, as certain ministries require ID badges.



Current volunteers are required to complete annual update training. Reminder emails will be sent during the month that your clearance is scheduled to expire. You may complete a class in person anywhere in the Diocese of Dallas. You may also update your training online by going to the following link: https://dallas.setanet.org/obligations.php. Online training is ONLY available for volunteers who are renewing their safe environment clearance. Background re-checks will be done every two years for all active volunteers.

Persons whose clearance has expired and who have been made “inactive” should contact the safety director for guidance on how to renew their clearance.


If you have any questions about the procedures for new or current volunteers, please contact:

Parish and School Safety Director—JoAnn Rossi


Spanish Language Screening and Training—Julie Glover