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Elementary School

Academic Overview

St. Patrick Catholic School is committed to transforming the hearts and minds of students through academic excellence, faith formation and service. We utilize Diocesan Standards-Based Curriculum designed by the Catholic Schools Office of Dallas, TX. Our highly qualified and experienced faculty and staff are committed to the integral formation of each student through the Catholic education that St. Patrick provides. Preparing students at every grade level in a supportive environment to become strong, empathetic leaders with 21st century skills like critical thinking, communicating, and problem-solving. Our graduates are not only intellectually prepared for high school and beyond but are also well equipped with abilities and knowledge needed to serve others and participate wholeheartedly in communities in which they live.


Elementary School – 1st Grade through 4th Grade


In the elementary grades at St. Patrick, teachers lovingly encourage students to collaborate, use strategies for discovery, and grow in all areas. Faith is integrated into all subjects. St. Patrick promotes virtues by teaching about the saints and new virtues each month through our school-wide VBRD program. Teachers help students deepen their relationship with God through learning about different forms of prayer. At St. Patrick, we love praying with our students and preparing them to grow in compassion and responsibility.


As students progress through elementary, students move from learning to read to reading to learn. St. Patrick uses the reading program, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. This program offers diverse, high quality stories and leveled books to help students transition from emerging readers to effective writers. St. Patrick offers a Take Flight program for students with dyslexia in grades 1-4. Teachers accommodate different learning styles within the classroom and strive to foster a love of learning. Students develop confidence and express their creativity through project-based learning across subject areas. In the elementary grades, we challenge our students to be continuous learners by instilling a growth mindset at a young age. Our caring teachers are passionate about developing relationships with their students, and this makes for a successful classroom environment. 


Teachers at St. Patrick aim to promote 21st century skills and encourage students to take responsibility in their learning. By framing a more student-centered classroom, students become more aware of their individual learning style and gain independence. Each elementary classroom is equipped with technology to support learning and help students grow in digital literacy. Science classrooms have their own STEM supplies, which are integrated into classroom learning. Our teachers give students the power to learn from each other, be creative, and develop critical thinking skills. Students in grades K-2 have access to a Maker Space where they can invent, build, explore, and discover through hands-on learning. Starting in 3rd grade, all students get the opportunity to utilize St. Patrick’s brand new SmartLab Innovation Center where students explore STEM and media arts through applied technology and project-based learning.