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St. Patrick Advisory Council 2018 - 2019    


The St. Patrick Catholic School Advisory Council consist of nine voting members appointed to three year terms:

As directed by the Principal, the functions of the Council are to:
  1. Conduct studies and other fact-finding efforts concerning the effectiveness and sufficiency of, among other things:

          * Strategic plans and goals

          * Existing school policies, programs and processes


     2. Offer guidance concerning available adjustments to, among other things:

          * Existing school programs, policies and services.

          *Existing revenue sources

          *Annual tuition rates

          *Teacher salary schedules


      3. Support the  positive presentation of the School to the public, civil authorities and the Catholic community.

Meetings are typically the third Thursday of every month during the school year.

Advisory Council Members/ Committee Chairpersons:

Josef Vollmer-Konig, Administrator
Julie Hendry, Principal
Lisa Hose, Asst. Principal
Colleen Santoni, Asst. Principal

      Eric Ruesch - President

  • Klaire Hensley - Vice President  
  • Jaynie Poff - Secretary
  • Michael Kubelka
  • Jennifer Nimmo
  • Ricardo Ruiz
  • Amy Wheeler