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Middle School

Academic Overview

St. Patrick Catholic School is committed to transforming the hearts and minds of students through academic excellence, faith formation and service. We utilize Diocesan Standards-Based Curriculum designed by the Catholic Schools Office of Dallas, TX. Our highly qualified and experienced faculty and staff are committed to the integral formation of each student through the Catholic education that St. Patrick provides. Preparing students at every grade level in a supportive environment to become strong, empathetic leaders with 21st century skills like critical thinking, communicating, and problem-solving. Our graduates are not only intellectually prepared for high school and beyond but are also well equipped with abilities and knowledge needed to serve others and participate wholeheartedly in communities in which they live.


Middle School – 5th Grade through 8th Grade


Middle School is a time of significant change in a student’s life and St. Patrick continues to develop the whole person educationally, spiritually, and physically. Our middle school students are both challenged and nurtured as they strive toward attending the high school of their choice. (or their next milestone, high school.) Students are encouraged to begin to advocate for themselves in our safe and caring environment to be prepared for their growing independence.  


Classroom learning is based on student collaboration, technology-centered activities, and classroom discussion as well as direct teaching from dedicated teachers among whom have over 150 years of combined teaching experience. It incorporates a growth mindset, various learning styles, differentiation, and rigor. Our middle schoolers have access to technology on a 1:1 basis. In addition to integrated technology through 1:1 devices, middle school students spend time in the SmartLab where students complete STEM projects helping them further develop 21st century skills such as problem-solving, communication, and time management among others.


Our VBRD program encourages students to recognize and act with virtue by meeting weekly in small homeroom groups. All middle school students attend weekly mass, have the opportunity to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, as well as prepare for spiritual milestones like confirmation which takes place in 8th grade. In addition, each middle school grade has a service -oriented project which the students learn about and participate in all year benefiting both others and themselves. 


Seventh and Eighth graders can choose from a variety of electives including choir, band, art, speech and drama, robotics, yearbook, and newsletter to name a few.  


The middle school years are also important socially, and SPS offers many different extra-curricular activities which allow students to enjoy spending time with each other and developing skills that improve both body and mind. SPS is part of the Dallas Parochial League which offers a variety of team and individual sports. Our award-winning speech and drama department participates in competition as well as offers two major productions a year. The choir not only participates in our school Mass, but also performs competitively and for the enjoyment of our community. Middle schoolers lead our active student council and participate in our National Junior Honor Society chapter. 


Middle School students are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for the next chapter of their academic career and beyond.