All school parents (and grandparents, etc.) who want to serve as volunteers in any way during the school year (e.g. coach, Room Parent, cafeteria duty, carpool helper, office assistance, committee member and/or monitoring at school events, etc.) must be screened and cleared under the Diocese of Dallas Safe Environment Program. 

BEGINNING NOVEMBER 17, 2014, you MUST wear your Safe Environment badge with the yellow SPS lanyard EVERY TIME you volunteer.  Badges and lanyards can be picked up in the school office (this includes badges that are reprinted once your update training is completed during your expiration month). If you are not wearing your badge inside the school, you must get a temporary badge at the School office. 

If you are clear under the Safe Environment program and do not have your badge, please contact JoAnn Rossi at as soon as possible.  If your child has a grandparent or other relative who is cleared under the Safe Environment program and is ACTIVELY involved as a volunteer at SPS, please have them contact JoAnn Rossi directly.