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Content Mastery Program

What is Content Mastery?
An inclusive instructional model to help students achieve understanding by providing:

- Academic support which occurs after direct instruction has been given in the general education classroom;
- Assistance provided on as-needed basis rather than on a regular schedule;
- Additional supports a student might need (homework help, morning tutoring, study sessions);
- A support for general education teachers through ongoing collaboration.

What Content Mastery is not…

- Discipline or timeout center;
- Intended to replace curriculum or direct instruction provided by the general education teacher;
- A counseling office;
- Just a quiet place to work

Who can go to the Content Mastery Center?
The following students may have access to the Content Mastery Center services:

- Students with a diagnosed mild to moderate learning difference
- Students identified by the principal and assistant principal by space availability and severity of need.

A student should come to the CM Center when…

- Completing independent work will require significant 1:1 support or small group for successful completion of an appropriate task
- Needing to complete an assignment that everyone else has finished
- Needing to complete a test requiring monitoring and assistance
- Needing to have a test read aloud as specified in the student’s modifications;
- Needing to use the computer to complete a written assignment when one is not available in the general education classroom
- Needing to participate in a study session prior to taking a test.

Student should stay in the general education classroom when…

- Instructions/directions are being given for an assignment;
- Direct instruction, lab work, audio-visual presentation, lectures, class discussions, and small group work is being conducted
- Student has not yet tried to do the assignment, including homework;
- Students can read a test without assistance
- Student needs a quiet place to take a test. Often the classroom is quieter than the CM Center where multiple groups of students are working on a wide variety of subjects, topics, and assignments.

Questions for a student to ask themselves to determine if he or she should go
to the CM Center include…

- Will I miss important information if I leave? (most of the time, the best time to go to CMC is the last part of the class period);
- Have I attempted the assignment? The hardest part of an assignment is getting started. Your teacher will be the most helpful at the beginning of the assignment.
- Do I have all the instructions from the teacher? It is your job to know what to do in CMC.
- Have I asked the teacher for help? The teacher will know more about what he or she expects when an assignment is given.
- Do I need help reading the assignment or other special help that cannot be given in the classroom?
- When you are sure about all these things, and your classroom teacher gives you permission and a written pass, then you may come to CMC.