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PSIA » Participant Selection & Expectations

Participant Selection & Expectations

Participation in our academic contests is primarily based on teacher recommendations.  Students are recommended based on various criteria, including:

  • ·         Previous participation in PSIA at the State Meet
  • ·         Ability in specific subjects
  • ·         Student interest in participating
  • ·         Willingness to attend study sessions outside of school and prepare at home
  • ·         Behavior


Participating students and their parents need to be aware of the following expectations:

  • ·         Sign a commitment letter agreeing to participate
  • ·         Be familiar with PSIA general rules and expectations and PSIA Code of Conduct
  • ·         Know the rules for specific contests in which they are participating
  • ·         Attend regularly scheduled study sessions with appointed coach
  • ·         Parents must be willing to volunteer the day of the contest