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Parent Support Group (of children with learning differences)

Parenting a child with learning differences has its challenges.  Our children spend so much of their energy at school working hard to learn the day's lessons.  Sometime, conquering homework can seem daunting for them and for us.  Does this ever sound like your house?
If so, we have a support group at SPS just for you.  Come and find the support of other parents navigating the same waters.  How nice would it be to talk with other parents who are experiencing similar situations, learn strategies that work (or not work) for them, and learn from other parents and professionals hot to be successful in the future.
This group is a chance for parents to talk about the successes and difficulties in raising our children with learning differences.  We do ask that group information be kept confidential.
Some of our topics in the past have included:
Understanding Attention Deficit Disorder: Signs, Symptoms, Assessment and Treatment by Dr. Kenneth Wise
Testing: The Who, What, When, Where and How by Sally Zalkovsky and Therese Sabine
The Homework Challenge: Everyday Solutions
Steps to Enhance Self Esteem
The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia directed by James Redford
Providing an Overview of Dyslexia and Simulations of Learning Differences Seminar for Teachers
How to Parents a Child with Learning Differences Utilizing a Growth Mindset
What is Happening at SPS with Learning Differences
The ABC of Anxiety by Laura Proctor, LPC
Proposed top for this year:
Technology and Your Child with Learning Differences


Check back for 2017-2018 meeting dates.


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ADDitude: Strategies and Support for ADHD and LD

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