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About SPS » Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

St. Patrick Catholic School exists to provide a PreK-8 education centered in the person of Jesus, distinguished by academic excellence and service to others, and sustained by Christian community.

Our Mission:

We are called to embrace the Gospel and transform the hearts and minds of the St. Patrick community.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that each child is uniquely created and loved by God; therefore, we are called to provide a safe and supportive community committed to academic excellence, faith formation and service. Through teaching, motivating and inspiring as Jesus did, we strive to transform our students and school community spiritually, morally, intellectually, physically and emotionally.
Our Vision:

St. Patrick Catholic School Graduates have a mission rooted in their Catholic faith to use their God-given gifts to serve others and participate wholeheartedly in communities in which they live; they are well equipped with skills and knowledge to transform their world.

We realize our Vision when we:

·    Offer curricular and extra-curricular transformative opportunities based in Catholic tradition and doctrine and informed by best educational practices.

·    Structure an effective educational community led and sustained by well-trained, highly motivated, fully prepared administrators, educators and support personnel.

·    Welcome school families, the parish community, and advocates for Catholic education to support the educational growth of students.

·    Provide physical facilities favorable to learning.